Access Station

Access Station Micro Ethernet connectivity

Ethernet connection of the PoE injector can be provided by DSL modem, satellite modem, any kind of backhaul connection or private LAN.
In case of private LAN or direct Backhaul connection, the host network should receive proper configuration to allow the IP communication between Sigfox Access station and Sigfox Cloud.

Performance requirement:

Minimum Throughput: 512 Kbit/s (DL) and 128 Kbit/s (UL)
Maximum latency: 2 s

The following table lists communication ports (inbound and outbound) that must be open on the host network firewall:

PortConnection protocolPurposeDestination IP
53UDPDNSIP provided by DHCP
500UDPVPN - Communication with Sigfox
1194UDPObsolete - Separate VPN185.110.96.0/22

For more details, please contact your Sigfox Operator. 

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